PET/MRI – Positron emission tomography-magentic resonance imaging

The most innovative diagnostic tool against civilization diseases

Thanks to the use of the most modern mMRI scanner from Siemens, we can offer you unique tests in the country. PET / MRI is a diagnostic examination during which a magnetic resonance (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) scan of the whole body (from the top of the head to the middle of the thighs) is performed at the same time – simultaneously. This method provides information on both the structure and metabolism of organs and systems in the patient’s body. Performing a PET examination requires intravenous administration of a relatively low dose of ionizing radiation, which does not cause allergic reactions and is well tolerated by patients (tracers amount of radiopharmaceutical). The PET / MRI scan is extremely useful in the early detection and treatment of a number of diseases. It provides a plenty of benefits for our patients.

Early detection of lesions

Due to the changes in civilization that occur in the modern world, the number of people diagnosed with neoplasms, neurological and many other serious diseases is growing rapidly. The use a modern mMR scanner in diagnostic purpose is:

  • Early detection of possible disease, and increasing chances of effective treatment,
  • Reduction in radiation dose compared to PET/CT examinations,
  • A small number of contraindications to perform the test.

Accurate determination of the location and severity of neoplastic, neurological and inflammatory diseases throughout the body

People who have been diagnosed with cancer, neurological diseases or suffer from unidentified inflammation very often need a very quick and accurate diagnosis. Using our equipment for PET testing, our patients receive:

  • Full-body examination and exact differentiation of changes, which allows to determine the degree of local advancement and distant changes,
  • Two tests in one – the patient simultaneously receives a magnetic resonance imaging, which means that there is no need for additional tests, and the treatment process itself may start faster,
  • Examination and description of the test carried out by two medical doctors specialists. Very short waiting time for the test (up to 14 days) and the test result (up to 7 days).

Evaluation of the effectiveness of neoplasm treatment and early detection of possible remission of the disease

Our highly specialized PET tests are extremely helpful for people who have had cancer. Due to the accuracy of the examination, which detects the smallest changes even by the size of only 5 mm and the fact that the scan is performed with a whole body scan, we can:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the response to surgical and / or oncological treatment,
  • Detect recurrences and possible metastases at a very early stage,
  • Reduce the radiation dose compared to PET/CT.

The cost of performing the PET MRI examination

PET/MRI studies, due to their innovative nature, are still not refunded by the National Health Fund. Therefore, the examination is available in Poland exclusively on commercial terms, only in two centers in the country. The cost of the test depends on used radiopharmaceutical. The most commonly used radiotracer is fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG) for which the cost of the test is PLN 6,500. We have also in our offer 18F-CHOLINE radiotracer widely used eg. in prostate cancer imaging. Due to the research performed by Medical University of Bialystok, we can offer other tracers for individual order. The use of other radiotracers requires a determination of individual price of the examination.