Our tests

The best specialists and the best Equipment

Thanks to use of the latest technologies and equipment of leading European manufacturers, our imaging laboratory can offer you services that are unique in the country. Thanks to close cooperation with the Nuclear Medicine Department and the Independent Laboratory of the Molecular Imaging Laboratory at the Medical University of Bialystok, outstanding specialists work in our laboratory, possessing knowledge and experience unique in the country. 

In our laboratory, we have already carried out over 1000 PET / MRI tests and over 14 000 magnetic resonance imaging studies.

The possibilities of our diagnostic tests

  • Early detection of lesions,
  • Precise definition of the location and stage of neoplasm, cardiology, neurological and inflammatory diseases in the body,
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of neoplasm treatment and early detection of possible remission of the disease throughout the body.

The most modern technology and apparatus

Our laboratory has two apparatus: the most modern hybrid Biograph ™ mMR from Siemens with 3-Tesla magnetic resonance (only two of these types in Poland) and the classic Biograph 6 for PET / CT examinations. Thanks to this we can offer you the following tests.